Who is Xanadu | What Are We All About

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Who is Xanadu and what are we all about?

Thank you for visiting us and congratulations on your pursuit of homeostasis! If you are reading this then you’re likely either beginning your journey or have already begun and are looking to improve your state of well being.
The three of us, Gavin, Johnny and Tony founded Xanadu because we’ve been on the same journey and have been constantly growing towards achieving health & wellness in mind, body and spirit/ consciousness. Likely the reason we’ve stayed such great friends over the decades. We believe that the “Law of Attraction” is always at work as that, “like attracts like”.
Xanadu, as defined in the dictionary is, “an idealized place of great or idyllic magnificence and beauty” or its Bill Gates nickname for his private estate Xanadu 2.0. Since we’re not Bill Gates, we’re going with the former!

The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness.

When my partners let me know they were starting a company that not only helped them but has the potential to help thousands, even millions of people, I jumped at the chance to join in the pursuit of happiness! See for us, happiness is positively impacting others lives in a major way.
Xanadu was born out of the need to fight and survive. Johnny was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a few years ago. Traditional western medicine wasn’t delivering the results he was searching for. So, he turned to a more natural approach, starting exercising regularly and taking CBD twice a day; once in the morning and once before bed.
During his quest to find a high quality CBD oil, he was never really satisfied with the brands and companies he tried. Either the oil wasn’t strong enough, tasted bad at best, it wasn’t full spectrum or there was a lack of customer service. It was also important that he was giving his money to a company that was working hard to give back.
Gavin, suffered from severe, chronic pain due to a back injury in his early 20’s. The only recommendation from the doctors was surgey or “pain management”, in other words, to go under the knife or take highly addictive painkillers. Since his recovery from opiod addiction in 2006, he’s been training diligently to keep his back strong. His efforts helped but he still had pain from scar tissue and inflammation.
Gavin chose a path of natural healing remedies and experienced many of the same issues Johnny was having with CBD products. This adversity was the spark for innovation and creation and Xanadu was born!
That leads to my story. We’ve all been strong supporters of cannabis growing up and have been self-medicating while being responsible and successful contributors to society for most of our adult lives. We always liked to march to our own beat though!
I grew up with severe migraine headaches, so bad, the ambulance was at my house all too frequently, paramedics giving me morphine to stop me from flailing around in misery. It was as if someone was playing the drums on my head.
My parents tried everything from CAT scans to allergy tests. No one could explain it and the final diagnosis was that it was allergies. So, weekly allergy shots ensued for years. Then one day, I tried cannabis for the first time, on my 18th birthday. This was a revelation for me and it cured my migraines. Regular use of cannabis made my migraines go away completely and they’ve never returned.
Now, I use CBD oil daily and it has helped tremendously with my sports injuries. I’ve had multiple surgeries and I’m sure countless concussions, they called them “getting your bell rung” back in the day.
Together, the three of us, bring diverse work and life experience to Xanadu. Our background enables us to operate mean and lean so we can bring affordable PREMIUM CBD products to you.
Our promise to you: we will always follow our Core Principals and stand behind our products 100% so you don’t have to worry or be a detective in this quickly growing space.
Sourcing only the best high quality hemp we can find to deliver the best CBD products on Earth.
Create strong partner relationships in all aspects of our business and our lives.
We donate $1 from every CBD product we sell to the MS Foundation and this is just the beginning!
Every batch of every Xanadu CBD product is 3rd party tested for purity and safety.
Utilize our platform to educate with accurate information that is easy to find and understand.
We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on every Xanadu product we sell. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just return the empty or unused bottle and we will refund the total purchase price.
Xanadu always has free shipping on every order shipped inside the United States.
Well, that concludes our very first blog post! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts if you’ve read this entire post. We’ll be posting more and intend to eventually start our own podcast too, which we think will be amazing.
I’ll leave you with one more quote and please contact us anytime with questions, comments or compliments! We are here to serve.

Let your alignment (with Well-Being) be first and foremost, and let everything else be secondary. And not only will you have an eternally joyous journey, but everything you have ever imagined will flow effortlessly into your experience. There is nothing you cannot be or do or have—but your dominant intent is to be joyful. The doing and the having will come into alignment once you get that one down.

Warmest Regards,
– Xanadu
Who is Xanadu | What Are We All About