THC Free 600mg CBD Isolate Pain Roll On

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THC Free 600mg CBD Isolate Pain Roll On – Our CBD pain roll-on is the only product we have made using our super pure CBD isolate. It is infused with potent botanicals like menthol, camphor and tea tree. This powerful topical is sure to sooth and it’s fast activating.CBD Isolate Infused + Made From 100% Industrial Hemp + Grown, Extracted, Infused and Bottled in the USA + Super Critical CO2 Extracted in ISO 9001 Facility + 3rd Party Tested for Potency and Safety + Infused with Soothing and Fast Acting Botanicals + THC Free + Zero High + No Post Processing or Distilling + Vegan + No Preservatives, Additives or Dyes + 30 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping to All 50 States


Xanadu CBD topicals are made from 100% industrial hemp, sourced from the top hemp farms in Oregon and Colorado, USA. Our 600mg, CBD Isolate Pain Roll-on is Super Critical CO2 extracted and then we carefully isolate the CBD cannabinoid from the raw extract. All Xanadu CBD isolate products are guaranteed to be at least 97% percent pure CBD. Xanadu makes the highest quality CBD topicals available, with emphasis on purity, aroma, efficacy and safety. Our CBD Isolate pain roll on is guaranteed to be THC Free. All Xanadu products are absolutely zero high and legal in all 50 states. Our CBD Isolate Pain Roll-on can be used daily or as needed. We guarantee 600 mg of CBD to be in every bottle. For best results, apply Xanadu Pain Roll-on directly to the affected area and then rub it in for 30 to 60 seconds. The amount you apply and the milligrams of CBD per application will vary. Xanadu Pain Roll-on is infused with potent botanicals like, menthol, camphor and tea tree oils. Our proprietary infusion is designed to penetrate deep and activate fast.

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7 reviews for THC Free 600mg CBD Isolate Pain Roll On

  1. George DeMars

    The roll on is very soothing. I’ve been using it to treat tendonitis in my elbow. I apply it 3 or 4 times a day. It’s helping to ease the pain and inflammation. Also has a nice aroma. Definitely recommend it to anyone who has a topical need.

  2. Nelson Cardona

    I’m a weekend warrior! Nothing in this world brings me more Joy then playing basketball. As of a year ago I started to experience pain in my right shoulder. I went to PT, saw a doctor and followed my treatment plans. It worked but for 3 months while I was going to PT at $60 per visit. I was introduced to the CBD pain roll on. Needless to say it’s worked wonders. I was skeptical at 1st but I had nothing to lose. After a week on consistently using the roll on I felt better. I’ve been using the roll on as preventive maintenance and it has changed my life in many ways. Now I just don’t use it on my shoulder, I use it on my tight back, and tight Achilles. It’s like w/ everything in life, it’s about being consistent. By applying the roll on once daily I’ve experienced amazing results. The best part is that it doesn’t leave a greasy residue like Bengay, or has an over powerful menthol medicine smell the yells “old man” on the courts. Nonetheless I highly recommend this product!

  3. Willfred Hall

    I’ve been weight lifting for years. No other product relieves my sore, achy muscles better than Xanadu MG 600. The roll on applicator is clean and convenient. Roll it on and within minutes muscle pain and soreness melts away. It’s quick and convenient. Keep one in your gym bag!

  4. Katie

    I’ve been using the pain roll for months now and I Love it! From headaches to muscle pain, it’s a life saver! I even started rubbing it on my chest if I’m feeling congestion. The menthol really helps! If i could give it 10 stars I would! Very pleased! Thank you everyone at Xanadu!

  5. Richard Cook

    I ordered the 600MG pain roll on and the 500MG pain balm. They showed up 2 days later!! Using these products after my knee replacement surgery was a huge help in my recovery. I was able to get off the narcotic pain meds sooner than one would expect and was also able to perform more difficult Physical Therapy sooner as well. These products are awesome and made my recovery more bearable!

  6. Rafael

    Extremely efficient product. I am a runner and suffer from sore muscles after training. This roll-on calms my pain in minutes. it truly is a great product, highly recommend it to anyone.

  7. Stephanie

    Xanadu’s Pain Roll-On is amazing! Not only does it sooth my sore muscles, but I also use it for headaches. I’ve suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember and have tried just about every product out there to help with the pain. Now, when I get a migraine, I roll Xanadu’s Pain Roll-On on the back of my neck and on my temples (make sure you don’t get it in your eyes). Within minutes, I can feel the product working (I think it’s the menthol) and it always relieves my headache. I never leave hone without it!

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