What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most abundant cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, and accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract. There are at least 113 different cannabinoids isolated from hemp, exhibiting varied effects. You’ve probably heard of THC and CBD, the two most talked about of all the cannabinoids. Unlike the cannabinoid THC however, CBD is non-psychoactive. THC happens to be the most abundant cannabinoid in marijuana.

Hemp and marijuana are two different species of the cannabis family of plants which happens to have two primary classifications; Indica and Sativa. While marijuana can be considered a member of either the Indica or Sativa families, hemp is a member of the Cannabis Sativa family. Because hemp and marijuana both derive from the Cannabis Sativa family, they do share some similarities; however, due to each plant’s biological structure, they have several very distinct differences that have been confused for decades and are important to understand.

Most importantly, when comparing hemp and marijuana, one should be aware that marijuana is abundant in THC, (best known for its psychoactive properties) and low in CBD, while hemp is abundant in CBD and very low in THC. Hemp is generally heartier than marijuana plants too and therefore highly revered for use in industry. All Xanadu CBD products are derived only from hemp and are well below 0.3% THC by weight, while products made from the marijuana plant typically have concentrations of THC between 10% and 40%. All Xanadu CBD products are guaranteed to be 100% non-psychoactive, Zero High as we like to call it.

Some of the effects of CBD may include: alertness at low doses, sedation at high doses, pain relief, muscle relaxation, anti-inflammatory effects, relief from nausea and vomiting, may reduce anxiety and depression, counter psychotic thoughts, act as an antioxidant, anti-convulsant and neuro-protectant, and may even express anti-tumor effects.

CBD oil is commonly used to describe a tincture, which is made by mixing raw CBD extract from the cannabis plant into a base like alcohol, hemp seed oil or coconut oil. The oil is meant to be held under the tongue so as to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Sublingual absorption provides a faster effect than absorption via the stomach (i.e. taking a CBD capsule or edible product). Xanadu CBD oil tinctures are mixed with MCT oil, (also known as caprylic acid) made from 100% organic coconuts.

There are numerous resources online with answers to this question and there are many claims about the effects of the respective CBDs. The following is a list of the main CBDs found in the better CBD products on the market and some of the associated effects that may be noticed when using a CBD product. The best way to answer this question is to try CBD for yourself. Every body is different.

CBD may help relieve symptoms of epilepsy and combat certain cancers. It may ease pain, stimulate bone growth, reduce blood sugar levels and fight bacteria. It may lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of artery obstructions and decrease social anxiety from THC.

CBC may fight bacteria and fungus, reduce inflammation and relieve some symptoms of depression. It may even stimulate brain growth and assist in the contraction of blood cells.

CBN may help some sleeping disorders, relieve pain and fight free radicals in the bloodstream. It may act as an appetite suppressant and promote the gowth of bone cells.

CBD-A may possess antibacterial and antiproliferative properties and may reduce nausea, vomiting and inflammation.

CBG may counteract the paranoid “heady” high associated with THC and decrease anxiety. It may also be useful in the treatment of glaucoma and have antioxidant effects.

THC may help with relaxation, ease pain and suppress pain due to nerve damage. It may slow inflammation, control anxiety and relieve muscle spasms and convulsions. THC may also ease nausea, fight free radicals and reduce eye pressure and pain caused by glaucoma. It may be able to fight certain cancers and stimulate new growth in nerve tissue.

THC-V may act as an appetite suppressant and be helpful with symptoms of diabetes. May reduce panic attacks, relieve some Alzheimer’s symptoms and stimulate bone growth.

THC-A may help sufferers of arthritis and lupus and relieve some symptoms of insomnia. It may provide neuroprotection against neurodegenerative diseases and limit cell growth in certain patients with prostate cancer.

Cannabinoids will vary by product because of the extraction process, strain of hemp that was used and other factors. Please reference the Certificate of Analysis “COA” tab that accompanies all our CBD products. We test every batch of every CBD product we offer with the best third-party laboratories in the country, for purity and safety and we publish all our Certificates of Analysis (COAs) on our website, here.

This is by no means a complete list of all the terpenes but rather a short list of the more abundant terpenes found in the hemp plant.

Terpinolene has a smoky “woody” aroma and may be effective against bacterial pathogens. It may have some antioxidant properties and a positive effect against fungus. Terpinolene may slow the growth of cancer cells and act as an antimicrobial agent and sedative.

Myrcene has a musky aroma. It may be used as a sedative and muscle relaxer. May elicits some hypnotic properties, and act as an analgesic (painkiller), an anti-Inflammatory, and an anti-carcinogenic.

Limonene has an orange aroma, may be a mood enhancer and relieve heartburn and gastrointestinal reflux. May have potential to combat breast cancer cells and possess antimicrobial properties.

A-Pinene, just like it sounds, has a pine aroma and acts as a bronchodilator with potential relief for asthmatics. May promote focus and memory retention, reduce inflammation and kill bacteria. A-Pinene may act as an antioxidant and anticonvulsant.

b-Caryophyllene has a rich spicy aroma. It may have gastro-protective properties with potential for treating certain ulcers. May be good for inflammatory conditions and some autoimmune disorders. May prove to be an effective antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal.

Linalool has a floral aroma and may be beneficial against anxiety and mediating stress. May have anticonvulsant properties and the ability to amplify serotonin receptor transmission, making it a potential candidate for battling depression. Topically it may be helpful in fighting acne and skin burns without scarring.

Caryophyllene Oxide
Caryophyllene Oxide has a spicy aroma and may slow bacterial growth. It may help relieve anxiety and slow damage to the nervous system and brain. May act as an antiproliferative, a local anesthetic and an anti-Inflammatory.

a-Humulene has a hoppy aroma. May relieve pain, slow bacterial growth and reduce inflammation systematically. It may have potential to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. May act as an appetite suppressant and have some analgesic properties.

Terpenes are essential oils found in plants. There are roughly 120 terpenes in hemp. Terpenes are what give all plants their distinct aroma and flavor. Terpenes have beneficial effects and work synergistically with cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

It is widely accepted that whole plant products are better than isolates because nature doesn’t make mistakes and intended the individual properties of the plant to work together in harmony, creating a synergistic effect, often referred to as the Entourage Effect.

Xanadu is very particular about the source of our plant material, (also known as biomass) and the extraction process and methods we use. Xanadu CBD products will always elicit the highest marks for CBD, terpene and bioflavonoid purity. This is why our unflavored oils are deliciously smooth and aromatic.

Yes. Pets may benefit from CBD for many of the same conditions as humans, such as pain, seizures, inflammation, and anxiety. While CBD is safe for pets, keep in mind, their dosage will likely be much lower than yours. Dogs have a higher concentration of cannabinoid receptors in their brain. This means they are very sensitive to THC. But a small amount of THC, like the trace amount in our full spectrum CBD oil, is beneficial for animals. It is recommended you speak with a veterinarian (holistic veterinarian) before you start giving your pet CBD.

For maximum absorption, try to keep the CBD tincture under your tongue for 30 to 60 seconds.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, so it will not get you high in the way that marijuana (THC) gets you high. CBD is known to have relaxing properties so you may feel a subtle peacefulness or sense of relaxation.

CBD is not psychoactive in the way that THC is psychoactive, it will not get you high. However, CBD may have an effect on your mental state. Many users of CBD either report feeling calm and relaxed or on the other end of the spectrum some report feeling alert or having acute mental clarity after taking CBD.

Xanadu CBD oil is good for up to 18 months refrigerated and up to 12 months in ambient room temperature. It is best to keep CBD oils in a dark place and out of direct sunlight. Xanadu green glass bottles help protect the oil from exposure to light.

Yes! We test every batch of every product we make, for purity and safety with independent third-party laboratories and we publish the results of those tests on our website. Just click on the “Test Results” tab below any of our CBD products on any CBD product page or click on “Lab Results” in the main menu to view our test results. It is highly recommended you only purchase CBD products from companies that test their products regularly and make those test results easy to find and view.

100% of our CBD products are made from hemp that is grown by happy farmers in Colorado and Oregon, USA. These two states are meccas for hemp cultivation.

As of this writing, no. Read this article to better understand this topic of discussion. While our hemp is grown using organic practices it may still be a while before ALL our suppliers are in fact USDA certified. Until that time, we are just going to be brutally honest and not say, it is certified USDA organic until 100% of it actually is.

We exclusively use super critical CO2 extraction. That said, we are paying very close attention to new technology innovations and promise Xanadu will be at the forefront of the market it terms of technology and quality. If/ when better extraction method(s) come along, we’ll be sure to adopt them. Rest assured, we will always offer the finest CBD products available in the market.

Full spectrum products contain all the cannabinoids including trace amounts (0.3% or less) of THC. CBD isolates are an isolation of the CBD cannabinoid alone, all the other cannabinoids and plant material are removed. Full spectrum is preferred by those who want to taste the natural flavor of the plant and get all the benefits of the terpenes, flavonoids and lipids. Because full spectrum oils contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes naturally present in the hemp plant, they are credited with producing the Entourage Effect we spoke about earlier.

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